What is Google New robots tag: indexifembedded??

What is Google’s New robots tag: indexifembedded?

Google has recently introduced its new robots meta tag on Friday, January 21, 2022,  to resolve an issue that is faced by many media publishers. This new tag is called “indexifembedded”.Don’t worry, its name is quite complex but functionality is simple to understand. But before going into details about this tag, let me discuss the basics of Meta tags, in case you are not familiar with this.

What is a Meta tag??

The meta tag is an element of HTML (markup language) that describes the contents of a Web page and is usually placed or located in the head section of the webpage. It is used by search engines to index pages by analyzing the content of the page.

It is not visible to common visitors but can be seen by web crawlers.

Types of Meta Tags

Meta tags are generally categorized into 4 kinds:

  1. Meta Keywords Attribute – focuses on keywords used for queries
  2. Title Tag –. Search engines view this text as the “title” of your page.
  3. Meta Description Attribute –It describes the content description of the page.
  4. Meta Robots Attribute –helps search engine crawlers (robots or “bots”) whether to index or noindex the webpage

New “indexifembeddded” meta tag

This is an addition to Google’s robot meta tag lists. It helps you to control the content which has any embedded media file. Let’s take an example to understand this.

Consider, you are having a website mymedia.com and it has a content page with the embedded media files, say mysong.mp3 file. If you don’t want to index the media file on your website you will use the noindex tag. But if any third part site share your content. Your content will not be able to index there, due to noindex tag. But how can you solve this issue. Here comes the indexifembedded meta tag which is used in combination with  noindex tag. It helps your noindex content to be indexed on other sites if the content has embedded media files. The new meta tag is shown in snippets below:

indexifembedded tag

For more info visit: Google search Central

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