The Cities which are even richer than many countries

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The devotion of people and vision to be stronger make the nations strong. A country has many cities. Each city has its own historical, financial, cultural and regional value. But when cities produce more than many countries of the world then such cities gain different image in the sight of this world. Here we have researched and gather top cities of the world which are even richer than many countries of the world.

  • New York City (America)
  • Hong Kong (China)
  • Tokyo (Japan)
  • Moscow (Russia)
  • London (United Kingdom)
  •     New York City (America)

    Image: Outline map of the US & NYC skylines. The red point is showing NYC location on the map

 New York also known as the land of opportunities is a metropolitan city in the United State of America. This city is a homeland of more than 8.419 million people. New York is located in the region where the Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean. The world’s famous and iconic building Empire State is also located here Also, Broadway theatre is staged in neon-lit Times Square. NYC is strong and has an enormous number of economic activities. The economy of the State of New York is reflected in its gross state product in 2019 of $US1.41 trillion, even larger than the states of California and Texas. This city is richer than many countries like Nepal, Afghanistan, Iran, Nigeria and many more.

  • Hong Kong China

Image: Outline map of China & Hong Kong skyline. The red point is showing Hong Kong location on the map

 Hong Kong, a metropolitan city of China located on the eastern Pearl River Delta in South China. This city has an approximate population of 7.507 million people. This city is an economic hub of emerging superpower China. China has also many prosperous cities. But Hong Kong’s value for China is very significant. Hong Kong’s GDP is almost $439.459 Billion. This city is also richer than Myanmar, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and many other countries. Famous places of Hong Kong include the Hong Kong Disney land, The Peak and Causeway Bay etc.

  • Tokyo (Japan)

Image: Tokyo Japan skylines with the famous Tokyo Tower

The first country where the sun rises, located in the far east region of the world. Japan is an island country in East Asia. In its neighbours, Taiwan, China and Korea are located. Tokyo is one of the economic giants in the world with more than $1.52 trillion even more than NYC. Japan has faced a lot of natural calamities but it is still a powerful city with strong people. Japan and its city Tokyo both are richened than their many neighbours like Korea,Philippines & Malaysia etc.

  • Moscow (Russia)

Image: Outline map of Russia & Moscow skyline. The red point is showing the Moscow location on the map.

Moscow, the capital of Russia is also one of the leading economic cities of the world. Having a GDP of more than $520 billion. It is one of the cities which are economically stable than many countries like Zimbabwe, West Indies etc. The reason behind its economic strength lies in its production and supply of chemicals, steel, mineral to the world. For more than 600 years Moscow also has been the spiritual centre of the Russian Orthodox Church. Its unique architecture also shifts visitors vision from reality to dreams.

  •  London (United Kingdom)

Image: United Kingdom outline map & famous Tower Bridge. Red point is showing the London location on the map

London, the capital of the United Kingdom also known as the old Londinium (A Roman Settlement). London has faced so many challenges and calamities. But this city has retained its strength and is one of the beautiful capitals of the world. London also played an immensely important role during the two World Wars. Now London is one of the greatest tourists spots in the world. With more than $650 Billion GDP. London has so much wealth than countries like New Zealand, Norway and many other European countries.


Note: We have not listed cities in an order based on GDP. Rather we have discussed that the above-mentioned cities are richer than many countries. Many cities are richer but are not mentioned here.

Let us know about the city which you want to visit at least once in your life ??

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