Snapchat: new feature “Dynamic stories” rolled out for the news publishers

Snapchat: new feature “Dynamic stories” rolled out for the news publishers

Snapchat, one of the most beloved social apps has recently launched a new feature that works in favor of news publishers. The new feature is called “DYNAMIC STORIES”. The main purpose of this new feature is that it will help publishers to upload news content easily on Snapchat using RSS feeds in real-time.

Many News publishers from all around the world will soon start publishing the content using this feature. Some of the prominent names are ESPN, CNN, Axios, Insider, The New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, TMZ, The Vice, etc. This new feature will enhance the engagement on the platform by providing trending news as “Dynamic Stories”.

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How Dynamic stories work:

Snapchat’s new feature converts stories from the direct web to Snapchat. This has already been done by RSS feeds which send the content directly to the Snapchat platform in an appropriate vertical format.

The feature is an automated process of converting stories from the web to the Snapchat platform. Many news publishers already have the RSS feeds due to which content easily goes to Snapchat in the feasible vertical format.

For users, Snapchat has given this feature through which they will be made accessible with RSS and thus can convert the news into a vertical configuration. When the story is published, it will naturally add to the user’s Discover stage which refreshes consequently.

The publishers can likewise observe the Dynamic Stories feature in their membership takes care of. The application will naturally feature the articles in the Happening area. The Dynamic Stories do exclude recordings for the present yet perhaps it will test it likewise soon.

Snapchat is likewise offering vertical video promotions to be posted inside Dynamic stories and it is wanting to share the income with the publishers.

This is a new feature, therefore it will take some time to put in a position to work smoothly.

Right now the publishers who were part of the testing system throughout the previous few months have seen no significant pay except for, it is great for news distributors to get views from the Snapchat audience.

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