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Pinterest cracked down content on “climate change” misinformation.


All Social media platforms always make sure to spread authentic information. Misleading and spreading false information is a great threat to the trust between the platforms and the users.

Therefore Pinterest recently banned all the pins or visual content on its platform that misleads about the sensitive topic of climate change.

This policy is to maintain the quality of content and trust of people, that they have on Pinterest.

Pinterest being a new and unique search engine for visual data has been gaining success over the past couple of years. The main reason behind its success is the quality standards that its users follow to make this platform better. But recently, it found content that has misleading information about climate change.

Therefore, the Pinterest administration took this initiative and banned all the pins that have misleading content on the topic of “Climate change”

Pinterest new Policy

As per the new announcement, Pinterest will now take down all the posts and advertisements on the site which relate to climate change denial or which are against the factful information about this climate change crisis.

The purpose of the new policy is to make Pinterest a better and more trusted platform for its users. Now all pin creators will have to follow the new policy and must focus on the trusted sources of information while sharing information on  Pinterest.

What Pinterest users should know??

All users must follow the quality standards in their pins and they must make sure to provide information only from authentic sources. Otherwise, more strict policies about content creation will be announced.

Unlike, other social media platforms, say Facebook which has lost its authenticity in the past years due to the presence of vulgar and misleading content. Pinterest is making these policies, only for the purpose to make Pinterest a safe and well trusted platform for users.

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