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The truth behind John Mulaney & Olivia Munn break-up rumors

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The recent rumors about the break-up of John Mulaney and Olivia Munn are circulating on the social media platforms . According to anonymous gossip account “DeuxMoi,” someone sent in a message with the subject “Baby Time.”

The message read, “I’ve heard recently from a fairly reliable source that this B-C list celebrity and her baby daddy A list comedian have recently called it quits. Source is a friend who works in publicity, so make of that what you will, but she heard they’re not attempting to fake the relationship for the public, but won’t be announcing it either.”

Although the split has yet to be confirmed, Twitter reactions were savage.

“’Olivia Munn and John Mulaney broke up!’ It’s almost like leaving your wife and hopping into a new relationship and getting said new girl pregnant less than 6 months after checking out of rehab where they most definitely said this was a bad idea actually ended up being a bad idea,” one fan wrote.

“Olivia Munn and John Mulaney breaking up as the most predictable news of the year,” another shared.

“listen. if john mulaney and olivia munn have broken up, it is very funny, but oh boy am i worried about that baby,” another wrote.

The news has apparently made its way to TikTok, where one fan wrote, “I love how I found out about john mulaney and olivia munn breaking up from a tiktok where the guy was like “I hope I’m the one who broke the news to you.”

There is still no official statement that addresses these rumors from both of them. So no one should focus on rumors until and unless there is any clarification from any of them.