Egypt: Naglaa Badr tries to solve her daughter's problem in the sixth epsiode

Egypt: Naglaa Badr tries to solve her daughter’s problem in the sixth epsiode

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Exciting events witnessed in the 6th episode of Hekaya, and the effect remains within the stories of the series “Lalla Anna”, where Najla Badr suffers from her children after the father’s death and tries to stand next to her daughter after she was exposed to a problem and her friend betrayed her despite her children’s gossip about her.

The work received positive reactions, especially as it deals with human stories from the reality of Egyptian life, such as the sacrifices of the mother and her continuous attempts to stabilize her family life following the death of her husband.

The story “The Trace remains”, from the series “Except I”, starring Najla Badr, Lotfi Labib, Karim Kojak, and artist Mohamed Al-Taji, with the participation of Enas Kamel, Mustafa Darwish, and Ilham Abdel Badie, and story is an idea of ​​​​Yousra Al-Fakharani, and a script and dialogue by Amani Al-Tunisi, directed by Ahmed Yousry.

So far,  the DMC channel has shown  5 stories from the series, which are “Beit Ezz”, starring Sahar Al-Sayegh and directed by Ahmed Yousry, “Bel Paper and the Pen” starring Yousra Al-Lazy and directed by Muhammad Bakir, and “Without Guarantee” starring Hanadi Muhanna, Hajar Ahmed, Islam Jamal and directed by Yasmine Ahmed Kamel. “On the Margin” starring Nermin El-Feki, Sabri Fawaz, Jihan Khalil and directed by Ahmed Shafiq, and “My Story with Time” starring Mervat Amin and directed by Ahmed Hassan.

On the other hand, Naglaa Badr continues filming her scenes in the movie “The Atheist”, starring Mahmoud Hamida, Hussein Fahmy, Sabreen, Tara Emad, Ahmed Hatem, Sherine Reda, Mustafa Darwish, and Ahmed Al-Silkawi. Social media and platforms among young people, which are about religious extremism and atheism.