know about Madagascar the homeland of ancient elephant bird

know about Madagascar the homeland of ancient elephant bird

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You might know about the name of this place .But do you know, many years ago it was the land of huge elephant birds .Unfortunately ,these birds do not exist anymore ,but the evidence of existence still present in Madagascar.

Madagascar as the land of big elephant birds

Madagascar , is the Land of big elephant birds .One interesting fact about the land is that it is the birthplace of the “Golden Quoll” (Pandion haliaetus) the bird from which we know the term “Kangaroo rat”. However , the quoll is considered extinct in Madagascan forests and considered VULNERABLE to extinction by the IUCN Red list. The quoll is a small Australian marsupial, of the family Phalangeridae, found in eastern Australia, from Queensland to Victoria. Known for its small, flat tail and upright posture, the quoll feeds on insects and other arthropods. The quoll is often compared to a smaller, long-tailed version of the Australian “roo” and is quite distinctive.

know about Madagascar the homeland of ancient elephant bird

The extinction of the ancient elephant bird

Madagascar is an island of rain forest that is divided into seven regions. Madagascar’s northern and western regions are volcanic and include some of the world’s tallest mountains. Madagascar is located on the equator, about 400 miles from the southern tip of Africa, and is about 1,700 miles long from east to west and 600 miles from north to south. It is a very dry continent, having an average annual rainfall of just under 150 inches (4 feet) in the south and north, and little more than 35 inches in the central highlands. The coastal plain averages about 60 inches annually. The vegetation in the region varies from tropical forest to acacia-type shrubland and includes an assortment of endangered and endemic plants.

The evidence of existence

From almost 3000 year old cave paintings to the monuments dedicated to these massive creatures ,the discovery of these fossils are so recent that many people still wonder whether they are fake. Madagascar: The Land of Giant Mole Ants Amongst the many species of giant ants ,the Mole Ant is one of the most familiar ones .You may have seen it in most of the nature documentaries. This species of giant ants can reach lengths of around 14 inches (35.5 cm) and weigh as much as 5 pounds (2.3 kg). Madagascar: The Land of Killer Whales Amongst the oceans, the largest animal in the world is found in Madagascar. It is the Killer Whale which is bigger than all the other mammals. The animal can reach a length of up to 18.6 feet (5.

The ecosystem and diversity in Madagascar

Madagascar ,with a range of fauna and flora , is one of the few places left in the world that has nearly continuous forests .It is home to more than 1,500 species of animals and plant. For this reason , it is the most diverse nature reserve in the world .But also with some ecological problems ,because many different animals and plants are endangered .The primates, include lemurs, the largest living primates in the world .They are the most numerous living primates in Madagascar .The largest species of lemur ,lemurs are on the way to extinction .Lemurs are tree climbers and eat many fruits . Madagascar has about 170 lemur species ,but less than 10 percent of them are known to exist today .Lemurs ,with their unique facial markings ,are very popular to many tourists .

What do we learn from this?

Nature can be deteriorated with the passage of time .If these giant creatures are no longer exist ,then we have to think twice to take care of nature and its creatures which are present now

Let us know about your opinion about  caring the nature.

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