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Is Google AMP still important to rank in 2022?

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Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), this name will be familiar to you if you are a blogger or run any kind of website. This was a good initiative to make your website experience more mobile-friendly. But since after its launch, it got a different response from the website developers and bloggers. Some of them love Google AMP and some don’t even like it. They say it is no compulsion at all. Well, this is common with every product there available in the market. Every product has its PROS & CONS. So Let’s have a look at what is important in 2022 or will help your website or Blog rank faster than your competitor. But before going into that discussion let’s briefly discuss some basics in case you are not familiar with Google AMP.

What is Google AMP?

The Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open-source framework that was developed to give a better and faster website experience to users. The basic purpose of the framework is to provide lighter & mobile-friendly pages to the visitors.

Working Principle of Google AMP

As mentioned above the purpose of Google AMP is to provide Mobile-friendly Pages to the users to improve their experience online. This purpose is achieved by two means. By restricting the designs of website and through pre-rendering of website

Google AMP only allows inline styles, minimizing the CSS to 50KB and also the Javascript. In this way, it eliminates a lot of design elements of your website page but it enhances the speed, which is a pretty good thing. Secondly, it preloads the webpage even before the Visitor completely arrives on the web pages. Therefore you can find the difference that a non-AMP page loads faster than a non-AMP commonly.

Google AMP was hype (2015-2021)

Back in 2015 when the Google AMP project was launched, it got huge fame. This got more hype when Google launched a separate plugin for WordPress. People were crazy that if they will use Google’s recommended Product, Google will rank them faster, but it was not a reality at all. Even Google itself clarified that Google AMP is not a factor that impacts ranking. But no doubt, it impacts other factors such as page speed and Mobile-first experience that are a major ranking factor these days.

According to the Project team of Google AMP, almost 900K domains and over 2 billion pages were shifted to the AMP version by the end of 2017. Later in 2018, these stats were grown to 31 million domains and almost 5 billion pages.

Graph Showing STATS of AMP usage
Graph showing trend of AMP usage from the year 2015 to 2022 .Data is derived from

5 reasons Google AMP is no longer needed

Now you are well familiar with the AMP working and its impact on Web World. But now let’s come to our main topic that despite having many benefits Google AMP can be a good option but not a compulsion to rank faster. The 5 reasons are as follows

  1. Faster Hosting Services
  2. CDN technology
  3. Mobile friendly Webpages
  4. AMP minimize functionality
  5. Difficult AMP deployment

Faster Hosting Service

Google AMP

With time things have been changed so much. The online world has achieved a marvelous milestone. Modern technologies and developments are supporting the Web World in a very strong way. Good Hosting services are also a reason why there has been a great change in using websites with a better experience and faster speed. Now Hosting service providers plays an important role as they use modern technologies and practices to provide faster speed and better experience to Global internet users. Hosting services like Hostinger, siteground, Bluehost and many more are famous these days for their excellent service and better speed provision.

CDN technology

Google AMP

A content delivery network, or content dispersion network, is a geologically appropriated network of intermediary servers and their server farms. The objective is to give high accessibility and execution by dispersing the help spatially comparative with end clients. Content delivery networks (CDN) are the straightforward spine of the Internet accountable for content delivery. Whether or not we know it, all of us interfaces with CDNs consistently; when perusing articles on news destinations, shopping web based, watching YouTube recordings, or scrutinizing web-based media channels. Regardless you do, for sure sort of content you consume, the possibility is that you’ll observe CDNs behind each character of text, each picture pixel, and each film outline that gets conveyed to your PC and versatile program. Therefore using AMP is not necessary as pre-rendering or faster speed can be achieved with this technology.

Mobile-Friendly Webpages

Google AMP

A mobile-friendly site is one that is intended to work precisely the same way across all devices. This implies that nothing changes or is unusable on a PC or mobile gadget. Different features which are available on the Desktop version can be easily and effectively accessed on mobile as well. This is just because every developer or WordPress website is designed mobile-friendly approach. Today, a large portion of online users access websites through their mobile. Therefore, this aspect cannot be ignored.

AMP minimize Functionality

AMP provides speed and a better mobile experience but it also minimizes the functionality by limiting the CSS and Javascript which sometimes includes some important features. This is one of the disadvantages of AMP because sometimes ignoring functionality cannot be an acceptable option. Therefore, many users who cannot compromise over functionality do not use AMP as it directly impacts the functionality of the website.

Difficult AMP deployment

Google AMP

AMP execution is more difficult than one might expect. It can go haywire whenever if you don’t adhere to the guidelines accurately. Indeed, even the plugin accessible for WordPress sites is no special case for such tangles. It can disrupt other plugins presenting specialized errors. Likewise, outsider Javascripts are confined.


There are many other factors and reasons which can make it clear that AMP is just an option that helps your website give a better experience. So never think that it ensures ranking or is prioritized by Google. Also, it is possible that if you want to give a better experience or speed to the user without AMP. So we hope that you got your answer that why AMP is no longer needed in 2022 and how you can achieve the objectives of AMP without even using the Google AMP plugin.