How do some advertisers destroy a brand’s identity?

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In today’s world, we come across many platforms where we see a lot of ads. Advertisement is an approach of a brand to promote its product and reach its target audience to get desire results. An increase in customers directly increases the revenue of a brand. Companies all around the world pay huge amounts of money to promote their products. Advertisers get this amount and promote the brands in their ways.

In this article, we shall discuss the indecent way that how advertisers sometimes destroy the brand’s identity through an inappropriate approach.

  1. Placing ads in clutter
  2. Using wrong thumbnails
  3. Targeting the wrong audience
  4. Too many pop-ups
  5. Advertising through bad platforms

1.Placing ads in clutter

 Content creators put so much effort to create their own audience. But when it comes to monetizing their content. They take wrong decisions and advertise in a way that destroys the value of content. Advertisers show continuous ads in a cluttered manner. You might have heard the sentence “Excess of everything is bad”. In this way, the one who comes to find and gain some knowledge from the content distracts from the ads, So the ads which were shown to the visitor leave a bad impact on visitor’s mind. So keep in mind that a balance between the content and ads is necessary. Prioritize your audience you will get good results in return.

2.Using wrong thumbnails

Using wrong thumbnails just to get attention and click on ads is also common these days. Advertisers use this strategy to show ads but this is illegitimate. Brands not only want to promote but also want to show their true brand identity to their target audience. But this sensitive and crucial point is easily ignored by many advertisers especially those who run ads in the feed. You might have seen such ads on many high-traffic sites as well. So take care of your audience and their love for your content. Monetizing your content professionally is equally important as creating the content .In the above image you can easily understand that there is no use of a girl in an online job ad .But many advertising companies use this technique to ensure a click from the user.

3.Targeting the wrong audience

Almost every site today uses cookies and other tracking technologies to provide relevant services to its users. But the effectiveness of these technologies varies from site to site and advertiser to advertiser. Let’s have an example, that your user is visiting your site and he is searching for a fast hosting service for his online store. But the cookies tracking technology used by your advertiser is not effective enough to determine, what he really needs?. Resultantly, your user may watch an ad of hosting for deploying an app that is irrelevant to him. So select advertisers equipped with the latest and effective technology to show relevant ads to users.

4.Too many pop-ups

There are many formats and styles used to show ads on sites. As far as the sizes are concerned banner, rectangle, and square ads are famous Ads on sites that can be seen on sidebars, under headers, and above the footer. But when ads are shown through too many pop-ups. They leave a bad impact on visitors. The screen sometimes hangs when continuous pop-ups are shown to the visitors. So make sure that how your content will be monetized to retain the value of your content.

5.Advertising on low-value content

It is also an important thing to consider that where your brand will be shown to your target audience. Sometimes, advertisers ensure everything possible to run ads effectively except to know about the content where they will put ads. Remember that high-value content always has a high-value audience. The audience which is useful for your brand growth. So always ensure to monetize your content with advertisers which have high-value publishing platforms



Keeping in mind the above-mentioned points. Now you are able enough to monetize your content professionally to get positive and desirable results for your brand growth. You can go with Google AdSense ,ezoic, and other premium ad networks. These advertising networks have a good image and position in the market which is crucial for brand growth.