How BBC’s call to appoint Jess Brammar as news chief can face resistance

How BBC’s call to appoint Jess Brammar as news chief can face resistance

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Jess Brammar, a British Journalist who was appointed Head of News at HuffPost UK in 2018. Later in March 2019, she was made executive editor, and in February 2020 was appointed editor-in-chief. She is expected to be BBC’s news chief. But BBC facing a lot of resistance in making her a news chief

What are the reasons for resistance

Brammar is being criticized because of her criticism of Borris Jonson and Brexit.

.Member of the BBC board Sir Robbie Gibb has said “it would raise concerns about the corporation’s commitment to impartiality. “ Many questions are also being raised about director general Tim Davie, who emphasized and focused on impartiality in his agenda when he took over his position. Now his sincerity about improving impartiality in journalism is also being criticized.

During her time at Huffpost Brammar had posted series of tweets in which she betrayed, Boris Johnson, Brexit, and Britain’s imperial past.

How BBC is handling the situation

Tory Leader of the House Jacob Rees-Mogg (above), also criticized the BBC’s approach to new hires. “When it’s the Left, it’s fine, when it’s from the Right that’s beyond the pale,” he told ConservativeHome.

After his remarks and criticism.BBC management started suggesting someone from a left-wing outlet. But this approach damages the complete concept of freedom and impartiality at the BBC.

Goodall in his tweet wrote that the story included “unhinged, simply misogynist attacks” on his former Newsnight colleague.


“The campaign against her has become so disturbing it needs to be called out,” he tweeted

The things become more intricate when the SNP’s head of broadcast media wrote that

BBC bosses were “not helping themselves by demanding that one of their finest journalists … delete this tweet”.

 Let see how BBC will handle the condition to appoint her news chief