Google’s new search Console URL Inspection API

Google launched Search Console URL Inspection API. Know how to use it

Google announced its new Search Console tool: the URL Inspection  API Tool , which can help you enhance the SEO aspects of your site. Google launched its new URL Inspection API on Monday, January 31, 2022 .This API allows an outside app to interact with Google’s search console and provide URL inspection data. This new API will help site owners and SEO experts to find out more issues related to indexing and solve the problems in bulk with more ease.

How useful is Search Console API

An API (Application Programming Interface) can be considered as a pathway that allows two different software programs to communicate with each other.
For example, tools like WebBee can use APIs to connect with Google Search Console
The API enables other software to collect data such as clicks, position impressions, CTR, . The new search console URL inspection API can discover new URLs for crawling and indexing.
The Search Console API also provides a secure pathway to WordPress plugins and many other SEO tools to access Search Console.

“For example, To find out if there is difference between user-declared and Google-selected canonicals, or to fix structured data issues from a number of webpages.

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URL Inspection Tool API

Google’s new search Console URL Inspection API

This new URL inspection tool also gives important information about URLs that are already indexed by Google. It also provides insight information about issues as well as errors related to indexing and other features like Mobile-friendly experience.
The key point is that it does not test a live URL, that functionality cannot be accessed through the API. Why Google didn’t give this feature, is still a confusing question?

What Google’s developer documentation says:

“With this tool you can View the indexed, or indexable, status of the inspected URL. Now you can only the status of the URLs already indexed in the Google ; indexability of a live URL cannot be determined now.”

Usage Limitations:

This new tool has some limitation, because it has a limited usage quota which is as follows;
• 2,000 total queries per day
• 600 queries per minute.
This new API will be seen in many plugins or CMS in the near future and will help SEOs to analyze the issues in bulk with more ease.

For more information visit : Google Search Central

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