5 Hazards why you should not use GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp disadvantages : is it safe to use?

GB WhatsApp, no doubt provides you with so many exciting features but it is not safe as the original one. Today social apps have made us so much obsessed with them. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and many more. Although our privacy is at risk today. But it doesn’t mean to believe every app and use it on daily basis. In this blog post, we shall discuss why you should not use GB WhatsApp. Also Have you ever wondered who created it.

 The actual maker of GB WhatsApp?

Many people are pondering who made GB WhatsApp. All things considered, the creator of GB WhatsApp can be found in the GB WhatsApp site named https://gbmods.co. The individual who ordinarily discovered posting about the latest forms of the application passes by the name of Omar. You can likewise get him on his Twitter account at twitter.com/atnfas_hoak, which he professes to be from Daraa, Syria. In case it is the creation of a single person and doesn’t have enough servers or security features. Then it is a clear indication that your data is not safe.


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GB WhatsApp Features

5 Hazards why you should not use GB WhatsApp?
Image source: C Analyst.com

You can get the following features in GB WhatsApp which are not present in the official one.

  1. It permits you to shroud blue tick, twofold tick, and online status.
  2. GB WhatsApp upholds various dialects.
  3. On the off chance that you have some private visits with any individual, you can lock those specific talks with a secret word.
  4. You can set the WhatsApp subject as per your decision and even offer it to the engineer of GB Whatsapp to add it to the rundown of their topics.
  5. You can likewise put limitless WhatsApp stories.
  6. GB WhatsApp likewise permits you to share recordings up to 16GB.

GB WhatsApp Hazards

5 Hazards why you should not use GB WhatsApp?
Image : C-Analyst.com

The features are exciting for a user but many security analysts say that it may have many hazards like:

Hazard 1:  Your personal data can be sold to third parties without your concern. If you have ever noticed the sites from where you download the APK version of GB WhatsApp. They show you a notice which says “We don’t take responsibility for any file you download from our sites” This is clear enough to make you think at least once before using such apps.

Hazard 2: The messages you might share are not encrypted . Therefore,  there is no assurance that no third individual will peruse your message. There are chances that the individual messages which you are imparting to your friends and family are not going through outsider workers.

In addition, it isn’t protected to share any close-to-home data like financial certifications, passwords, or some other detail. In this way, be cautious while utilizing GB WhatsApp as well as any WhatsApp mod.

Hazard 3: GB WhatsApp is more disposed to infusing infections like Malware and Spyware due to the less got facilitated workers. These infections can make harm your information, and just you will be liable for any issue caused because of WhatsApp Mods.

Hazard 4: GB WhatsApp is  illegal, because it  is not an official product from actual companies or owners. Also, the app is not accessible on the Google Play Store. It implies that they are accessible on the web rather than the Google Play Store. So unofficial means, no timely updates to tackle security threats.

Hazard 5: Official WhatsApp has bound from utilizing the WhatsApp Mods. Many individuals have distinguished utilizing the WhatsApp Mods. The authority adaptation WhatsApp can boycott you whenever in case you are discovered utilizing the WhatsApp Mods. So be cautious and reconsider using WhatsApp Mods like GB WhatsApp.


So Take care of your privacy before you see your pictures, videos, or any other personal data being sold on downloaded on any other site. Decision is yours !