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Does Google really have any strong competitor in 2022?

Just like everyone has a competitor in life .The same thing is for tech giants .They also face a lot of challenges to be at top position .Google also put so much efforts itself to remain beloved search engine of users .But is there any other search engine which can take overtake google or may become a query- solver of new generation

What is the Future of Google?

In this blogpost we will take a look into the probable future of Google .We’ve done few research so that you can understand the future of Google so that when we post some interesting outcome in the future, you will be able to have an idea which search engine you should use to find your answers. Google has its own place it has many good products in market like Google Trends , it is one of the best tools which give a overview of trends in various countries. It helps you to know which trends are more common in certain countries than other countries and which searches are least popular. Let’s take an example for searching category “Bike/Car” Every country shows a particular interest for that topic.

Google’s History and Growth

Google started their business in 1996 in a small garage in Menlo Park, California. It was a tool which is used to find information that was needed by searching the web. But it was at the time search engine was so new, not many people knew about it and Google was quite well known but not found on all search engines. It was started by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were doing their PhDs in Stanford. They wanted to solve a problem which was when people would go on the web and they would want to look up information about a subject. And this is when they saw they could use a search engine to gather information. They had all their friends on board which started to go on to the internet and use the tool for their needs. And this came to be known as a Google.

Challenges Faced by Google

Can Google Still be an Awesome Search Engine? Can Google be the greatest search engine of the 21st century? This has become a serious question after some time Google has lost its throne to Yahoo! search engine in Asia-Pacific in 2013.However, that seems not a very big deal. That is because Google, apart from making search engine more powerful, also make efforts to improve its products. But in order to achieve that, Google also needs to face a lot of challenges. Here are the most dangerous challenges which Google must face or be aware of: Perform the best search for users Google search engine never forgets about the user. A user must be able to choose the best search engine for their query, not for any problem he/she might face later. Google doesn’t have plans to leave user unsatisfied.

Yahoo ,Bing ,Duck Duck Go

Google Competitors

Although, Google is gaining success day by day .But nothing remains same in life .Everyone faces ups & downs in life .So is there any possibility that in future that we will see a different search engine. Well! the short answer is probably NO. Because google has gathered so much of people’s attention and have taken a bright place in the tech market .As far as the above mentioned search engines are concerned they are doing their well in their respective position .But they are not in the direct competition with Google.

Why are people using google?

Many of the people use Google as it provides them the information with the help of “relevancy” and context .The way Google understands search query makes it clear that the following are the most important factors which increases the chance of getting an instant response from Google: Keyword inclusion : You should write those words which are also found on popular search engines like google and you have a complete record of websites which contain those words Query relevance :The search query should be general and not limited to specific groups like children ,education ,Sports etc Context : The search query should be very specific and if you are typing a query about any one company, it should be from the company’s website and not from the internet ..Also google is provided as a gift with your new phone. Hahaha! ,It was a sarcasm by the way.


The main reason behind search engines become so huge is that they are using technology to ease the user experience. Many of the pages on google is indexed to improve user experience. Other queries we do, they can return relevant results .Thanks to the extensive use of technology , they can make searches more efficient.

Let us know in the comment section which search engine is your favorite??

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