DDR5 RAM, All you need to know about the best in the market (2022)

The computer these days are faster than ever. Modern chipsets, processors, and other technologies are playing a crucial role in giving us a better, faster, and smooth experience. RAM is also an important part of a Computer which plays an important role as it helps the computer to follow and execute our commands as fast as it can. So choosing RAM according to your requirements is really. You clicked on this post because you want to know about the latest kind of RAM, the DDR 5. In case you are not a tech master then before going into depth let’s revise the basics of RAM, its function, and its development history briefly. So that you can be able to know the significance and better features of DDR5.

What is RAM?

RAM stands for Random-access memory and it is defined as the type of computer memory that is particularly used to store data while user performing tasks. Also, it can be read and changed in any sequence. It is volatile means data will be lost if it is not saved. In modern technology, random-access memory is in the form of integrated circuit (IC) chips with memory cells made up of MOS (metal-oxide-semiconductor).

 RAM Revolution from DDR1 TO DDR5


SDRAM stands for (Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory). Here “Synchronous” means the working behavior of the DRAM type. SDRAM started to appear in computers in late 1996. The SDRAM having single data rate is called DDR1 which was first released in 2000.

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DDR2 RAM (Double Data Rate Two RAM) (2003)

Then comes the 2nd generation of RAM also called DDR2. The basic advantage it has over DDR1 is that it can operate the external data bus 2 times faster than DDR1

DDR3 RAM (Double Data Rate Three RAM) (2007)

The next generation which comes after DDR2 technology is DDR3 RAM. It has a power consumption of 40% less as compared to the DDR2 technology. Another key feature in DDR3 is that it can add two functions, such as ASR (Automatic Self-Refresh) and SRT (self-refresh Temperature). These DDR3 can make the memory & control the refresh rate according to the temperature changes in the system. Which is an amazing feature no doubt!

DDR4 RAM (Double Data Rate Fourth RAM) (2014)

The technology which surpasses the DD3 is DDR4 RAM which has a higher transfer rate and also consumes less operating voltage of almost 1.2V.DD4 is more efficient than DDR3 as it can process 4 data within a single clock cycle. DDR4 has the ability to add some functions like CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check), DBI (Data Bus Inversion), and CA parity. DDR4 is more stable with a better transmission rate and data access.

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DDR5 RAM (Double Data Rate Fifth RAM) (2021)

DDR5 is the latest evolution in the development of RAM. This technology has prominent features like having more density and bandwidth of RAM and lesser power consumption. It is more stable, efficient, and powerful than all the previous technologies and indeed is the feature of RAM. The property comparison from DDR1 to DDR5 is given below in the infographic.

ALL DDR RAM Comparison infographic
ALL DDR RAMs Comparison infographic, image source: C Analyst

Advantages of DDR5 RAM

The advantages are that DDR5 can provide 2 times more bandwidth and density than DDR4 also its power consumption is less. Higher bandwidth directly impacts your experience of using large applications such as video editing and games 3D tools and Animation software.

DDR5 RAM is costly

Yes! The only disadvantage you can say is its cost which is 40-50% more than DDR4. DDR5 is so expensive because of the global shortage of chips and semiconductor materials. The DDR5 RAM also requires more components per module, which is one of the main reasons for its expensive cost

Do you need a new system to run DDR5?

It may depend upon your current system. If you have the latest motherboards and processors in your system then DDR5 can provide you with a better experience but if your system is an old one then you might not be able to get all features of DDR5 RAM.


Now you know about the key features of DDR5 RAM and how it is better than DDR5 RAM. So if you want a stronger PC and also you have the budget then definitely this will be a good option. But to run DDR5, a CPU with stronger components is a necessary aspect. Processors that support are Core i9 12900K, Core i7 12700K, Core i5 12600K, etc. You can consider these processors if you are planning to run DDR5 RAM.


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