China aims to commercialize 6G by 2030: white paper

China’s vision towards 6G technology

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China is doing great work in getting the latest technology in the telecom sector. A Chinese government-backed industry had also released a white paper in July highlighting applications and potential key technologies for the next generation of wireless technology that could be 10 times faster than the peak speed of 5G mobile networks. China’s R&D in this sector is greater than any other country including AMERICA 

This paper was a clear guide and a head start on the research and development (R&D) plan for 6G – which is expected to be commercially available around 2030 – amid an intensifying tech race between China and the US, analysts said.

The US has lost its position in the telecommunication sector compared to China who is constantly improving and setting new trends and technology in this sector. Many countries in the world are still hoping to get 5G. But China’s ambition to get 6G by 2023 shows its strength in this sector which is even more than the United States

According to this white paper, 6G services will have three major new development trends – immersive, intelligent, and universal – and eight business application scenarios, including immersive cloud XR, holographic communication, sensory interconnection, intelligent interactive communication, digital twins, and global coverage.
Immersive services can be widely applied in fields such as medical care, health, entertainment, and industrial production to support the digital transformation and upgrading of industries, the white paper said.

China’s UNICOM logo /A telecommunication company

“China does not have any serious shortcomings in research and equipment, and can conduct experiments and explore the technology by itself, with the ability to even conduct some relatively large-scale preliminary experiments, which will give China greater influence when setting the final standards for 6G,” Ma said.
China Unicom and Chinese telecom equipment producer ZTE announced in May that they had agreed to research and develop a 6G network under a cooperation pact.

Now, let see what will be China’s approach to get this by 2030.