5 Features you must know well before buying any Android TV

5 Android TV features you must know well before buying any Android TV

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We all have been using common CRT TVs in our home since our childhood which was large and had less fascinating features than modern TVs. Their big size was also a major reason behind their inconvenience. But these days, portable and more efficient TVs are available in the market. You know them as Smart and Android TV. If you want to enjoy the mobile features on a big screen then these TVs are the best choice. But sometimes people are confused between Smart and Android TV. So this blog will clear all your doubts which you have about these modern TV classes. So let’s start by clarifying the difference between Android TV and Smart TV.

The actual difference between Android TV & Smart TV

Android TV is a modern or Smart TV that has all the features of  Android operating system as we use on android mobiles. Android TV has many features like Bluetooth, Wifi, Chromecast, Google Assistant, and your favorite apps like Youtube, Google search, Netflix, amazon prime, and much more.

Smart TV is also a modern and Smarter version of TVs. But having an android operating system or features like the android TV may or may not be available in this. Therefore every android TV can be considered a smart one but not every smart TV can be called an Android TV. Shopkeepers also sometimes do not aware of this difference and they sell smart TVs by calling them Android TV. Anyone who is buying these TVs for the first time can be cheated easily. So we hope now the basic difference is clear to you.

So let’s come to the features which you must consider before buying any Android TV. These features are a checklist. With this checklist, you can easily differentiate between Smart TV and Android TV and can tell the shopkeeper with confidence that “you cannot charge me Android TV’s price just for a smart TV.” The features are as follows:

  • Android Operating System
  • Bluetooth & Chrome cast
  • Google Voice Assistant
  • Smart Remotes
  • Smooth Gaming Experience.

5 Features you must know well before buying any Android TV

Android Operating System:

The Original Android TV will have an Android Operating system with all the features we use in our android phones. These features are like more control over customization, more setting options, Theme customization, compatibility with all apps. So while buying if you find this on the TV then your first point of the checklist has been marked as Tick.


5 Features you must know well before buying any Android TV

Bluetooth & Chrome Cast:

Bluetooth is a technology that is used for transmitting data wirelessly in short-range distances using UHF radio waves in the ISM bands, from 2.402 GHz to 2.48 GHz, and building personal area networks. This feature must not be ignored in any way because later while using the TV when you would like to connect your android phone with your Android TV. It will be necessary and if your TV doesn’t have this feature then It will disturb your android TV experience. Similarly, Chromecast is an important feature. Chromecast is a device that can be used for streaming Netflix, YouTube, and multimedia from mobile devices to your TV, the only thing it requires is a strong Wi-Fi connection. Shopkeepers usually confuse it with Miracast. Miracast is not like Chromecast because it is just a protocol that many devices may support. Chromecast is focused on multimedia streaming while Miracast is a protocol that supports screen mirroring.


5 Features you must know well before buying any Android TV

Google Voice Assistant:

Google Assistant is a modern technology developed by Google It is an artificial intelligence-powered feature that must be available on every android TV. If this compulsory feature is not available on the TV then you should not consider it an actual Android TV rather it is simply a smart TV. To know more about Google Assistant visit.https://assistant.google.com/


5 Features you must know well before buying any Android TV

Smart Remote

Android TV Remote Control is just like a modern device that can be used to control Android TV (any brand and model). To use this remote, you just need to synchronize the Android TV and your remote via Bluetooth or connect both devices to the same WiFi network. Android TV remotes can control TV’s through voice and usually have a separate button for your favorite apps like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

5 Features you must know well before buying any Android TV

Smooth Gaming Experience

Every game lover wants a panoramic view while playing Games therefore they usually prefer a big screen for a better experience. But this experience not only requires the big screen but also a strong platform that provides a better and smooth Gameplay. Android TVs are usually designed to have this smooth experience. Android TV can support different controls which are necessary parts of Games. Smart TV cannot provide these full controlling features while playing games. Therefore it is also necessary thing to check in android TV before any final purchase.


Now after reading this blog post you will be able to differentiate between a common smart TV and a more powerful Android TV. There are many other features that create a significant difference between these two kinds of modern TV. But the features we have discussed are usually more prominent and can be checked by any person who is not so much aware of technological terms

The big brands which are famous for their Android TV are Xiaomi, Sony, Samsung, TCL, and many more. You can consider these companies while purchasing Android TV. Sony and Samsung usually have expensive prices. Xiaomi is going well these days with its modern devices and android kits having very fascinating features. Your budget decides which company should you choose. Because every company is providing the features with the different build quality. So the more you pay, the better you will get.

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